Summer Status

July 16, 2016

Things have been quiet on the BSG front this summer! We have been rehearsing in between vacations and weekend trips and family commitments.

Our next show is Saturday August 13 at Bungalow Billiards in Chantilly. The current plan is to play three 45 minute sets. Whoa! That will be the longest we've ever jammed. So we'll be digging deep into the vault for some old favorites. And we'll be doing a ton of covers for a change. We promise you'll hear some real gems as we find some real crowd pleasers that are still fun to play, all with the BSG touch!

We also have a whole batch of new songs. Some have been played out before. Some will be getting played in public for the first time. We'll be working on demos for these new tracks in advance of recording our new album this winter. We might also release some digital singles of older cuts to tide you over so keep an eye out for those!

Everybody have a great summer and we hope to see you on August 13 in Chantilly!!