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The initial feeling is one of hearing a deep cut from Buffalo Tom with Barenaked Ladies' Steven Page on vocals, but a few plays uncovers the work of a band with more than enough of their own charm and talents to see everything through. - Real Gone is an honest, it is an alternative college rock era record which would have been perfect for an early 90's music revival fan. - Eddie Carter - All The Time I Was Listening To My Own Wall Of Sound

The musicianship is subtle with a focus on the song and tasty arrangements designed to enhance the song as opposed to showing off excessive technique. - David Hintz - DC Rock Live

Still carrying a flavoursome Americana tang to their no frills rock 'n' roll, Braddock Station Garrison have produced another highly magnetic and creatively organic proposition with their second full-length to thoroughly enjoy. - Pete Ring - The Ringmaster Review

If you don't begin seeing this album cover everywhere soon it would really surprise me, because these boys are really doing something different and special. - Rachel Cusick - SwitchBitch Noise

early R.E.M/Replacements feel to their recordings as you will hear when their songs pop up on playlist. - JJ OHagan - Hipsville365AD

The sheer amount of energy that the band has in their live simply infectious. - James McQuiston - NeuFutur Magazine

Power and vulnerability are common themes between tracks that borrow just the right amount of light 60's and heavy 70's music. - Ethan Skeleton - The Equal Ground

Short Bio

Braddock Station Garrison are a Washington DC band playing melodic rock music featuring Steve Schillinger on vocals and guitar, Tom Soha on lead guitar, Jed Prentice on drums and newest addition Mike Pinkerton on bass. Their music is classic sounding while still remaining modern and engaging.

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DC's Braddock Station Garrison play melodic rock music rooted in classic rocknroll while still remaining modern and engaging.

Long Bio

Braddock Station Garrison began as an acoustic project between old friends Tom Soha and Steve Schillinger that grew into a full-fledged rock and roll band with the addition of drummer Michael Chapman and bassist Patrick McCann. Starting with songs from an old notebook of Steve's, the band added new songs and arranged them into a collection of original music that brought a modern take on classic rock and roll ideas.

In the summer of 2013 they chose 6 original songs for their debut record. Working with the legendary Don Zientara (the man behind the board for records by Fugazi, Foo Fighters, The Dismemberment Plan, Shudder To Think, Minor Threat, Bad Brains and many other DC bands) at his Inner Ear Studio in Arlington VA, the band was proud to bring HIGH WATER to life. The album was well received on several music review sites, with cuts featured on the Radio Free Americana internet radio station and the DC Hometown Sounds podcast.

Braddock Station Garrison played regularly at DC and Baltimore area clubs. Unfortunately, bassist Patrick had to move away at the start of 2014. He was replaced by veteran musician Jim Bledsoe, formerly of Rebelicious. Jim left the band in summer of 2014 for opportunities with touring artists, but he helped cement the band as an exciting live act including a debut in New York City.

Michael Haddad joined Braddock Station Garrison as the new bassist in July 2014. The band rearranged some old songs and wrote some new ones, then visited The Bastille Recording Studio in Arlington VA in January 2015 to record their second album. A HINT OF RECOGNITION was produced by studio owner Eamonn Aiken and was released on April 19, 2015 with a CD release show at Arlington's famed Iota Club and Cafe. Songs from that record have been played on internet radio stations and podcasts such as Radio Free Americana, IndieMusicPeople, DanPop, Pop That Goes Crunch, and Rumble Radio (from the UK), DC Hometown Sounds, and Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More (from Sweden).

In March 2016, Jed Prentice joined Braddock Station Garrison as the new drummer. Jed previously played in DC bands Elizabeth and Outer Body Llama.

With Jed on board the band perfected 11 new original songs for their their album. In January of 2017 they returned to Inner Ear Studio and again worked with Don Zientara. Mastered again by TJ Lipple, SAINT STEPHANIE AND THE STONES was released on April 7, 2017 and celebrated at an April 8 show at Iota with Don Zientara opening.

In April 2017, Michael left the band to pursue other musical directions. The void was quickly filled by Mike Pinkerton of the Leesburg-based cover band UDoVoodoo.

The band has been playing shows not only in the DC area but in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City and Rochester. They have opened for touring artists such as King's X, Jeremy Porter and the Tucos, Beaver Nelson, Scott Miller, The Teskey Brothers, Adam Carroll, and Grammy winning artist Mike Farris & The Fortunate Few.

The fourth album, AMERICAN RADIO, marked the third time the band worked with Don Zientara. It was recorded over 6 days in the fall of 2018. It was released February 22, 2019 on all digital platforms. AMERICAN RADIO features some of BSG's most mature songs, touching on topics such as political-charged radio and immigration.


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