Braddock Station Garrison is a band based out of Washington, DC. Steve Schillinger does lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Tom Soha plays lead guitar; Jed Prentice is on drums and backing vocals; and Mike "Pink" Pinkerton plays bass. Braddock Station Garrison is part power pop, part Americana, and all classic rocknroll. They have released four albums since 2013: High Water, A Hint of Recognition, Saint Stephanie and the Stones and the most recent record American Radio. Each band member brings his unique voice and style to the band, creating rock music that is both timeless and modern.

Steve Schillinger: Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Some of Steve's earliest memories are bouncing back and forth on the couch while his father played America records and his mother spun The Beatles. Twenty-five-ish years later, while working for four months in St. Louis, Steve borrowed his friend Tom Berger's guitar and asked him to show off some chords. The rest is history. As BSG's primary songwriter, Steve cites those early records, along with artists like Big Star and Ryan Adams and REM and The Jayhawks and The Grays and Sloan and The Connells and The Tragically Hip, as the templates for his compositions. A love for both stoner metal and prog rock creep to the surface every now and then. Steve has two self-produced solo records that you can ask him about.

Steve is a right-thinking musician: he likes his guitars American his amps British. So that means primarily Gibson and Taylor guitars and Orange amplifers. Though he does have a Fender Pro Junior for tiny little gigs and an Italia Rimini 12-string for when he wants to sound like Roger McGuinn. And he has a Rickenbacker now.

When not pretending to be a rock star, Steve works for an organization providing interactive patient care solutions to hospitals all across the United States. He and his wife live in Springfield, VA.

Tom Soha: Lead Guitar
As the "old guy" of the band, Tom saw the light when he watched The Hollies play Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress in 1972 on TV. The lead intro was the coolest sound he ever heard. His first band was called Night Sky which covered 70's rock. At this time, Tom was taking lessons at Tom Rizzo music studios from Glenn Cummings who was in Cabo Frio, a touring progressive jazz band based in Rochester, NY. Glenn was responsible for introducing Tom to Eric Clapton who continues to be an influence. Another major influence is Tom Scholz. This explains Tom's passion for his cherry red Gibson 335 and his gold Les Pauls. Other influences are Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, & The Black Crowes. You can hear these influences in the songs he writes.

Whenever Tom is Rochester, N.Y. He always finds time to shop at The House of Guitars.

Tom lives in Centreville, VA and works as a consultant to C-Suite executives.

Jed Prentice: Drums
Jed has loved music for as long as he can remember. His mother had a large collection of folk records and played an old Gibson acoustic guitar, but The Beatles were what moved him. Listening to Ringo inspired him to play drums, first by banging on whatever was around the house, then on a toy drum set, and finally the real thing when he was 10. Jed has played in many DC area bands over the years, notably Outer Body Llama and Elizabeth. He also enjoys playing guitar and bass (the old Gibson is his now; Mom rocks a Martin).

Jed has many musical influences and loves all kinds of music, and has probably stolen something from nearly every drummer he has ever heard. John Bonham, Ringo, Buddy Rich, Neil Peart, Mitch Mitchell, and Stewart Copeland were big contributors to Jed's drumming education. He prefers vintage Ludwig drums and often gigs with the Ludwig Supraphonic 400 snare his parents bought for him when he joined the school band in 5th grade.

In real life Jed is a software developer at a DC startup. He lives in Takoma Park, MD with his wife, 2 kids, and 2 dogs. He is also an avid mountain biker and enjoys spending time out in the woods.

Mike "Pink" Pinkerton: Bass
Mike was hooked early on music, spinning The Beatles and Beach Boys on vinyl, but it wasn't until high school when he discovered The Who and began a life-long amazing journey. Shortly after, he picked up the guitar which led to some songwriting (and maybe a few leaps and windmills), but everyone and their dog played guitar so he turned to the bass. Other influences include The Black Crowes, Jimi Hendrix, REM, and U2. Mike's basses are a mix of Fenders, Gibsons, and Warwicks, but the bass amps are always Ampeg.

Braddock Station Garrison

About the Band
Braddock Station Garrison began as a project between old friends Tom Soha and Steve Schillinger. What started as an acoustic project around songs from an old notebook of Steve's grew into an electric rock and roll band with the addition of drummer Michael Chapman and bassist Patrick McCann. Together they took those old songs, wrote some new songs, and arranged them into a collection of original music that brought a modern take on classic rock and roll ideas.

In the summer of 2013 they settled on 6 original songs for their debut record. Working with the legendary Don Zientara (the man behind the board for records by Fugazi, Foo Fighters, The Dismemberment Plan, Shudder To Think, Minor Threat, Bad Brains and many other DC bands) at his Inner Ear Studio in Arlington VA, the band was proud to bring HIGH WATER to life. The album was well received on several music review sites, and had cuts featured on the Radio Free Americana internet radio station and the DC Hometown Sounds podcast.

Braddock Station Garrison played regularly at DC area clubs like Firehouse No. 6, The Red Palace, The Bier Baron, The Black Squirrel, and The Tree House Lounge, as well as a trip to Baltimore to play The Sidebar. Unfortunately, bassist Patrick had to move away at the start of 2014. He was quickly replaced by veteran musician Jim Bledsoe, formerly of Rebelicious. Jim left the band in summer of 2014 for opportunities with touring artists, but he helped cement the band as an exciting live act with shows at Empire, Axum Lounge, The Grog & Tankard in Stafford VA, and a debut in New York City at Desmond's Tavern.

In June of 2014, the band had the honor to support national recording artist King's X when their tour played Empire in Springfield VA. Patrick flew back as a special guest for this amazing show, capping an already memorable night.

Michael Haddad joined Braddock Station Garrison as the new bassist in July 2014. With some old songs re-arranged and some new songs written, the band visited The Bastille Recording Studio in Arlington VA in January 2015 to record their second album, A HINT OF RECOGNITION. This effort was produced by the studio owner Eamonn Aiken and was released on April 19, 2015 with a CD release show at Arlington's famed Iota Club and Cafe. The band continues to play regularly around DC with repeat appearances at The Black Squirrel and Axum Lounge and maiden gigs at The Velvet Lounge, Galaxy Hut, Flanagan's Harp & Fiddle and Jake's Boiler Room.

Songs from the new record have been played on the Radio Free Americana, IndieMusicPeople, DanPop, Pop That Goes Crunch, and Rumble Radio (from the UK) internet radio stations. Songs have also been featured on the DC Hometown Sounds and Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More (from Sweden) podcasts.

In March 2016, Jed Prentice joined as their new drummer. Jed previously played in DC bands Elizabeth and Outer Body Llama. Gigs included their first visits to Villain and Saint, Jammin Java and Fat Tuesdays as well as a trip to Connie's Ric Rac in Philadelphia. They also started semi-regular visits to The Bungalow in Chantilly to do full 3+ hour shows. The band had the good fortune to support touring artists Jeremy Porter and the Tucos, Beaver Nelson, Adam Carroll, The Teskey Brothers and Grammy winning artist Mike Farris. With Jed on board the band perfected 11 new original songs for their thir album. In January of 2017 they re-entered Inner Ear Studio and again worked with Don Zientara. Mastered again by TJ Lipple, SAINT STEPHANIE AND THE STONES was released on April 7, 2017 and celebrated at an April 8 show at Iota with Don Zientara and Black Dog Prowl.

In April 2017, Michael left the band to pursue other musical directions. The void was quickly filled by Mike Pinkerton, also of the Leesburg-based cover band UDoVoodoo! The new lineup spent the next year writing and fine-tuning new songs. They returned to Inner Ear in the winter of 2019 to record AMERICAN RADIO. It was released digitally on February 22, 2019.